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Establishing carer support groups

For individual health workers

The course is designed for health professionals and volunteers who see an opportunity in starting a carer support group. The course will equip the facilitator with the knowledge and skills to establish, lead and sustain a carer support group.

Women in a support group

Suitable for: Aged care, Allied health, Disability care, Home and community care, Hospitals, Retirement living, Aged care frontline staff, Disability care staff, Enrolled nurses, Practice nurses, Registered nurses, Residential care workers, Social workers

Course type: Families and community

Duration: Approximately 4.5 hours

Delivery mode: Online

Location: All states and territories

While this course has been developed using dementia carer support groups as an example, the principles and resources are transferable to other types of carer support groups; for example, chronic illness.

You will gain knowledge in:

  • how to plan and set up a carer support group,
  • group marketing and promotion,
  • running and sustaining support group,
  • guiding positive group behaviours.

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This course is for individual health workers.

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Last updated
1 February 2024