New South Wales

We offer a range of sensitive and flexible services to support you if you have dementia or are caring for someone with dementia.

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National Dementia Helpline

Speak with one of our professional consultants about dementia, discuss your needs and connect to a range of programs and services. The Helpline operates Monday to Friday from 9am -5pm.

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Counselling and support

Get support, information and advice by telephone or in person anywhere in NSW through our Counselling service and network of Dementia Advisory Services.

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Living with Dementia Program

If you are living with early stage dementia or are a family carer for someone with dementia, you are welcome to join our early intervention program.

You will get information and support through sharing your experiences with a small group of others in a similar situation.

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Recently Diagnosed with Dementia session

If you have been recently diagnosed with early stage dementia and would like to find more about dementia and learn about how to live positively with it, this information session will be of interest.  

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Online Education and Support - Webinars

A range of webinars have been developed specifically for people living with dementia and their carers.

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Community awareness

We offer a range of services to increase awareness of dementia in the community and highlight the importance of brain health and dementia risk reduction.

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Family Carer Education

Dementia Australia provides education and awareness covering a range of topics, free of charge to assist family and friends caring for a person with dementia.

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Rural and regional services

Dementia Australia NSW has a number of regional offices and partnerships across NSW offering dementia support services designed to meet your needs in your local community.

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Social and therapeutic programs

Aims to educate and support people living with dementia, family carers or friends, health care workers, staff and volunteers of local councils, museums and art galleries, historic homes and gardens.

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Library and information service

The service supports family carers, people with dementia, health professionals and community care workers in NSW by providing access to quality dementia related consumer health information and resources.

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Support Groups

Support Groups give you an opportunity to meet with others in a similar situation to share experiences, learn new ideas for skills for living with dementia and engaging in mutual problem solving.

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Younger Onset Dementia

A diagnosis of younger onset dementia can be very isolating.

You may have received a diagnosis, be someone who is caring for a family member, or you may have a mum or dad with younger onset dementia. You are not alone.

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Safely Home

Safely Home can help people living with dementia walk safely by providing rapid and accurate identification if they get lost.

Safely Home is a joint partnership between Dementia Australia NSW and the Missing Persons Unit of the NSW Police Force.

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Every bloke needs a shed

This program aims to encourage and support men living in the community with early stage dementia to access, participate and enjoy the mateship, camaraderie and activities available in their local Men’s Shed.

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Some of our services require a contribution towards the cost of delivering them, read our policy here.