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Reducing your risk of dementia

As we get older, so do our brains. We might get a little more forgetful, a little foggier, a bit slower to complete normal tasks. That’s a normal part of aging.

Dementia isn’t a normal part of aging. Dementia involves a marked decline in thinking, memory, behaviour in mood that gets worse over time. There’s no certain way to prevent dementia, and there are risk factors you can’t control, like getting older, genetics and family history.

But, just like with your other organs, the better you treat your brain, the stronger it will stay as you age, and the lower your chance of developing dementia.

It’s never too early or too late to get started. Whatever your age, there are simple changes you can make to protect your brain health and live a long, fulfilling life. Pick an item below to see what you can do in that area.

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Last updated
1 February 2024