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Hear from Dementia Australia CEO Maree McCabe AM, Dementia Australia Dementia Advocates Isabelle Burke and Natalie Ive and Deakin University’s Professor Alison Hutchinson, Professor Kon Mouzakis and Andrew Vouliotis about the BrainTrack app and why it is so important.

BrainTrack show reel

Are you concerned about changes in your thinking or memory? Games and challenges on this new app give you data you can share with your GP.

Introducing BrainTrack

BrainTrack is a free app that helps you monitor and understand changes in cognition over time, which you can use to start a conversation with your GP. The app will help you explore this common concern, providing brain health information through fun, travel-themed games that test your cognition. The resulting conversation and monitoring may lead to an earlier diagnosis of dementia.

How does BrainTrack work?

To start using the app, you will be prompted to ‘visit’ an individual country each month. You will then play a series of games relating to the country you are visiting. Users have different companions for each leg of their journey and need to solve typical travel challenges such as reading maps, collecting bags and calculating expenses. Scores are given for each round of challenges.

Users are prompted to log in monthly, play the games and receive data on their cognition. The data is given to you as a report that can be shared with your GP, to initiate formal cognitive assessment.


While BrainTrack does not replace the need for formal cognitive assessment, it supports the process by offering an easy way to track changes over time, and even picking up on cognitive concerns the user may not be aware of themselves. For many, it will offer reassurance and offer tips around maintaining brain health.

BrainTrack is an initiative of Dementia Australia and is funded by the Australian Government.

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Last updated
1 February 2024