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Intellectual disability and dementia

For organisations

For a person with intellectual disability, it may be harder to recognise an emerging dementia condition. This workshop delivered onsite helps participants to identify dementia related changes in people who have an existing intellectual disability and build on processes to support your clients through the changing nature of dementia.

Two people eating ice-cream together: one appears to have an intellectual disability.

Suitable for: Aged care, Allied health, Disability care, Home and community care, Hospitals, Disability care staff, Occupational therapists, Physiotherapists, Registered nurses, Social workers

Course type: Enabling environments and specialty programs

Duration: Three hours

Delivery mode: Face-to-face

Location: All states and territories

Program benefits

  • Staff learn about the assessment and diagnosis of dementia for people with intellectual disability.
  • Your workforce can adapt support to maintain the familiar routines for people living with intellectual disability and dementia.
  • People living with intellectual disability and dementia feel supported as their needs change.

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Last updated
1 February 2024