CaLD Dementia Resources for Families and Professionals

This list contains links to resources produced by Dementia Australia and other organisations.   

Resources for families:

Information about dementia in 38 languages

Translated fact sheets on a variety of dementia topics are available in 38 languages. The same information is not available in all languages.

Talking book on dementia in Vietnamese

'Information on Dementia in Vietnamese' is a multimedia resource which can be used on a computer or tablet. It was produced by Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS). 

Family and Friends Matter

This booklet emphasises the importance of relationships with family and friends for people living with dementia. It is available in Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Vietnamese ,Spanish and English.

Australian Multicultural Foundation (AMF) - National Radio Dementia Awareness Program in Community Languages

A National Radio Dementia Awareness Program in Community Languages. The AMF, in collaboration with SBS radio, developed the campaign to address some of the key issues and barriers to increasing the level of dementia literacy in culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Podcasts, written translations and reference guides are available in Amharic (also known as Ethiopian), Arabic, Hindi and Turkish.

Memory loss: Disrupting daily life. A national dementia campaign (2009)

The AMF in collaboration with SBS radio developed the health campaign to promote awareness of dementia in the following community language groups: African, (English), Amharic, Dari, Persian-Farsi, Somali, Sudanese (Arabic), and Burmese. 

It’s not a disgrace, it’s dementia

Dementia Australia NSW produced this series of short films to help reduce stigma around dementia in CaLD communities. They are available in the following languages with English subtitles:

Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Cambodian, Croatian, Assyrian, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Mandarin. 

Resources for Professionals:

Culturally appropriate dementia screening tool

The Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale (RUDAS) is a short cognitive screening instrument designed to minimise the effects of cultural learning and language diversity on the assessment of baseline cognitive performance.

A model of delivering health messages to newly arrived communities

A model of delivering health messages to newly arrived communities: An example, increasing dementia awareness through ethnic radio for newly arrived communities.

Perceptions of dementia in ethnic communities

This resource will assist organizations working with CALD clients to better understand the background of consumers they are supporting and develop appropriate services to assist their clients. 

Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing

A selection of dementia resources is available

Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA)

The site contains a database of research in ageing. Dementia is one of the topics.